UCC Media Justice celebrates, at long last, the Federal Communications Commission’s move to reinstate net neutrality protections and legally classify broadband internet as a fundamental form of connection so that all content and all people have the right to be heard online.

Cheryl A. Leanza, UCC Media Justice policy advisor, said, “The core of the power of the internet is the ability for all people and all content to be treated fairly, and equally, without being dependent on your ability to pay for preferential treatment. It goes to the core of media justice and communications rights and we will continue to press for this fundamental reform until it is complete. Not only is media justice at stake, but the FCC’s proposal to settle its authority over broadband internet will mean that the FCC can ensure it is available to everyone, that it is affordable and that ISPs keep their promises.”

For years, UCC Media Justice has worked with the faith community and humanist leaders to demonstrate why net neutrality is critical to all of us. UCC Media Justice collaborated with the incomparable Valarie Kaur to create the Faithful Internet campaign.

People from various faith traditions and the humanist tradition joined in that campaign, including the impactful video of Rev. William Barber, II; the steadfast support of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops; and the statements of Muslim and Jewish leaders.


Just two years ago, at the 39th Annual Parker Lecture, Valarie spoke movingly as to the reasons why net neutrality continues in importance today, bringing Everett Parker’s foundational work into the broadband era.

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As Valarie explained, “The promise if the Internet is that it would remove all gatekeepers and give the least of us the power to have equal voice. But this power depends on a critical foundation.”

Net neutrality is one of the fundamental justice issues of our time: it must be protected.

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