Understanding the Issues

Communications is a human right — a tool that helps to connect us to our communities, spotlight injustices, and make our lives easier.

Media help us illuminate how century-old problems–structural racism, homophobia, religious bigotry, environmental devastation, to name just a few—are still manifest today.

Through the media, we can learn about these problems and work to organize to address them. Through social media, we can make human connections, even when we are separated by distance or social barriers. But the media can also serve to bury the injustices that surround us through “feel-good” commercial messaging or even by supporting and promoting disinformation.

The rules and industry practices that govern modern media today will dictate whether it can, in fact, be a force for good. Without media justice, we cannot achieve social justice.

UCC Media Justice works as both a leader and collaborator to address these issues at the national level. We bring our prophetic voice and expertise to support and promote other communications policy voices that would otherwise be left out of these ongoing debates.

Open and Affordable Communications

We work to ensure that all people have access to affordable communications and that communications networks treat all information sources fairly.

Diverse and Accountable Media

We work to promote media ownership by women and people of color and to hold social media companies accountable.

A Faith-Based Perspective

We offer members of the United Church of Christ and the wider faith community the opportunity to learn more about these issues and join in our work.

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