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The United Church of Christ is a long-standing national leader in media justice and communications rights.

Our church members have been leaders from the earliest days of this ministry, when church members monitored television station programming in the 1960s to compile evidence of racism.

Today it is still our members that can take policy and laws and turn them into justice for our neighbors.

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Sign Declarations about Local Television and other Media

From the earliest days of the UCC’s media justice activism, our members have been essential to the work. 

In order to fight some media mergers or rule violations, UCC’s media justice ministry must demonstrate that its members are impacted by media in their communities.

If we need a declaration, we will provide a template describing the situation. You fill in the details like your name and the good and bad things you see in your local media.

We file these declarations at the Federal Communications Commission and in court as evidence that the media affects UCC members and the church.

We can’t do this work without you!

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