Cheryl Leanza presents Gigi Sohn with Parker Award plaque.

Gigi B. Sohn receives the Everett C. Parker Award in 2018

President Biden’s nominee for the empty seat at the Federal Communications Commission, Gigi B. Sohn, must be rapidly confirmed by the Senate Commerce Committee and the full Senate. No nominee in recent memory–if ever–has come to the post with so much relevant expertise, combined with a lifetime of service on behalf of the public interest, as demonstrated when the United Church of Christ’s Media Justice Ministry honored Sohn with its Parker Award in 2018.

Efforts to block Sohn’s nomination are, in truth, efforts to block FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel from fully implementing President Biden’s agenda. For U.S. Senators to permit a hateful and bigoted smear campaign to block Sohn’s nomination would give power to the darkest corners of our society, and invite further vile attacks on qualified nominees no matter their experience. UCC Media Justice calls on Senators to join us in condemning the specious attacks on Sohn and to move immediately to confirm her to serve at the Federal Communications Commission. Our democracy cannot tolerate silence in the face of misinformation and deceit.

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