A Faith-Based Perspective

Net Neutrality / Faithful Internet

The internet impacts almost every aspect of our lives.

Net neutrality ensures that all internet content is treated fairly without consideration of who we are or the financial resources we enjoy.


In the United States, internet service is provided predominantly by private companies.

What duties do those companies owe their customers? Can a user visit any web site or download any information they want? Is the content on websites created by individuals as accessible as the content found on the sites of major corporations? Do persons of color or low-income person have equitable access? The answers to these questions depend, significantly, on the extent of what’s called net neutrality.


Net neutrality is a set of regulatory protections that require internet providers to treat all content fairly.

For example, net neutrality would prevent a major video streaming company from paying a service provider to speed up access to its content ahead of the content of others.
The Obama Administration adopted net neutrality protections, but the Trump Administration repealed them. UCC Media Justice continues to work to get these protections back in place.


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