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Media Literacy

Media literate people can decipher messages we see in all kinds of media. Media literacy can help us understand how messages are constructed and analyze how they create meaning, usually in ways that are hidden beneath the surface. Media literacy helps us live out our values and stand up for oppressed and marginalized people and become advocates for change, and for media justice.

Learn More

Watch this video to learn more about media literacy. Follow along and answer the questions in the video to put your knowledge to use and start practicing media literacy.

Take Action

The UCC faith tradition teaches us that we are all created in God’s image. Holding on to racist images and inappropriate names only serves to injure our common humanity and to disfigure God’s image in all of us. Use your power to join UCC’s action to change the name of the Cleveland baseball team and to eliminate the use of its current mascot, Chief Wahoo.

Tell the Cleveland Indians it's time to change their racist name and mascot.

Bring Justice Home

Violent media normalizes violence and often victimizes women and people of color in the process. Violent media can teach children to use physical harm to solve their problems. Each year in September, in conjunction with the International Prayers for Peace Day, UCC's media justice ministry sponsors a media violence fast.

Join us!  Can you avoid all violent media for one week?  Video games too?  Do it together and see what you notice.

Learn More and Sign Up for the Media Violence Fast 2015

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