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OC Inc. in conjunction with Stanford's Center for Internet and Society have created the Faithful Internet coalition to fight for and open Internet. Check out to learn more.

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Open Internet principles (called Net Neutrality) preserve the Internet as a space where all our voices can be heard, regardless of income, race, religion, or status. With Open Internet protections, Internet service providers cannot favor large websites over small blogs, they cannot promote large media organizations while censoring small community outlets. The openess of the Internet is what makes it so revolutionary. 

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Why does an open internet matter to you? Visit to create your own written testimonial describing how you use the open internet and why it is important that we preserve an open internet for future generations.

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Create a video testimonial telling the world why you value an open internet. Submit your video using the link on the right to have it featured on the website. Check out the website for examples of other people’s video testmonials. Get creative!

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