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Media Violence Fast 2016 -- Resources

Are you signed up for the media violence fast on September 21st 2016?  Do you want to learn more about activities, reflections, and justice advocacy during this time? 

Use our detailed resources below to learn more and have a meaningful media violence fast. Use the links below to find the materials most relevant to you.  Don't forget to sign up if you haven't already, or search to find other events in your area.  Your final step, support this work, make a donation.


Overview Resources and Recent Articles

UCC OC Inc. Children and Media Violence Fact Sheet

PICO Network, 3 1/2 Minutes, 10 Bullets, sermon series and group resources.  Based on a video that does feature violence, this resource is an excellent follow-up to your fast complete with resources for clergy and small groups.

When Sensational Images are a Click Away Christian Science Monitor editorial (September 3, 2014)

Clicking is a Public Act (Don't Like clickbait...) Sally Kohn, TED Talk video (4 1/2 minutes) July 2014

Does Media Violence Lead to the Real Thing? New York Times op-ed (August 2013)

Is Media Violence Damaging to Kids? CNN/Parenting (February 2013)

Is Your Media Too Violent? Salon, December 2012

National Council of Churches Policy Statement on Violence in Electronic Media and Film

Media Violence:  What if We Changed the Question?   An overview of the issues and five guidelines for action.  Interview with Elizabeth Thoman, CHM, a pioneering leader in the U.S. media literacy field.

Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill (2014) Newly updated edition of a book by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Gloria Degaetano

American Psychological Association Resources for Parents

American Psychological Association, Media and Children

ACT Raising Safe Kids Program

One-page fact sheets:

Monitor What Children Watch and Play With

Points to Teach Children about Media

Share Your Rules with Other Adults


More in-depth discussion:

Facts Related to Media Exposure

Young Children View TV Differently

Strategies for Reducing the Impact of Media Violence on Young Children

Adult and Older Teen Activities

Youth Group Model Session and Sample Activities.  Many thanks to Andrew Wicks, Director of Christian Education at East Granby Congregational Church, East Granby, CT for this model session.

Media Education Foundation

  • Media Education Foundation Study Guide, Gerbner Series. Use pp. 9-24 on The Killing Screens.
  • The Mean World Syndrome A 2010 interview with George Gerbner, who found that media violence increased our fear.
  • The Media Education Foundation also has a number of movies and curriculum available for purchase which deal with all aspects of media violence and media literacy.

Hofstra University, Case Study and Curriculum for Older Teens and Parents.  Student-written curriculum. Presents images from One Tree Hill and asks questions about its use of violence. Includes activity to consider other television shows.

Does Social Media Perpetuate Youth Violence? Blog post by Brittany Bostic from the Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center

These resources provide a range of perspectives and approaches for considering media violence.  These items are provided as resources, and do not necessarily reflect the view of UCC OC Inc. Some of these materials may refer to violent media.

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