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UCC stands tall as an advocate for inmates, families

Cheryl Leanza, the policy advisor of the United Church of Christ’s Office of Communications Inc., participated in a day-long Federal Communications Commission (FCC) workshop Wednesday, July 10 discussing the high cost of telephone service to persons in prison and the FCC’s current rule-making on Inmate Calling Services.  Read her testimony as prepared for delivery.  See the full video of the event. Ms. Leanza is featured from 26:00-31:00 minutes in the video.


OC Inc. has long been an advocate for reforming a system under which telephone companies that provide services to prison inmates are permitted to charge exorbitant rates to the families and friends of inmates. In some cases, companies compete for contracts with state prison systems by offering a portion of their revenues to the prison system itself.  


Under the leadership of interim FCC Chair Mignon Clyburn, the FCC has been taking a closer look at this issue. Rev. Geoffrey Black, president and general minister of the UCC, participated in a rally last November to help raise awareness of this issue. Read his remarks.  Visit our web page to learn more about this issue and get involved. 


We are collecting signatures from clergy and religious organizations to end predatory prison phone rates.

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