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Media Justice Victory - Supreme Court Rules FCC Can Protect Children

In response to the Supreme Court's decision today in Fox v. FCC, Cheryl Leanza, Policy Director of the United Church of Christ, Office of Communication, Inc. stated:

While the Supreme Court today found that the Federal Communications Commission’s procedures were flawed, it did not reverse course on the fundamental constitutional doctrine underpinning the regulations protecting children in the media.  This decision thus permits further action on some of the most important issues relating to children and media today--whether it is the relationship of the media marketplace to childhood obesity, aggressive and inappropriate advertising, or the limited amounts of high-quality educational television for children of all backgrounds. We are gratified that the Supreme Court heeded the call of the Children’s Media Policy Coalition and left this critical doctrine intact.  UCC OC Inc. encourages the Commission to use its authority in a manner that offers clarity to broadcasters and parents alike.

UCC OC Inc. filed an amicus brief in this case as part of the Children’s Media Policy Coalition.


Media Justice Victory - Supreme Court Rules FCC Can Protect Chil

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