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Net Neutrality - a small loaf

Today the FCC adopted an expanded set of network neturality rules. UCC OC Inc. is pleased that we will now have more clear Internet protections online and that some protections will be given to wireless customers where there were none before.  Nonprofits and small businesses should have some comfort that they will not be asked to pay to ensure that their content will get equal billing on the Internet.  We hope that any abuses in the future will be quickly and firmly shut down by the FCC as promised.  

But UCC OC Inc. continues to be extremely worried about the legal framework of the order as it has been described--this framework will likely endanger the FCC’s power to act quickly next year to expand broadband to all Americans.

Because the FCC gave way to many of the concerns expressed by Internet companies in adopting this order, we believe that next year's Congress should take a measured approach to its response to this decision.  It is now likely up to the courts to determine what happens next.

For more information see:     National Council of Churches Net Neutrality Resolution; Bring Betty Broadband Network Neutrality Page.


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