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Parker Lecture, Oct. 19th - get your ticket!
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Parker Lecture is October 19

Get your ticket to join us in a unique virtual space

October 19th will be a special day as we gather for the 39th year to honor the legacy of Everett Parker. We are going to get inspired by the powerful words of Eric K. Ward of the Western States Center, who can help us to understand the hate in this world and how to stop it. And we will honor the groundbreaking work of two leaders in media justice, Angela Siefer of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance and Francella Ochillo of Next Century Cities.

We're hosting this year's lecture on Airmeet — so you will be able to choose your virtual table, scan the room and catch up with friends — almost like being in person! Pay-what-you-can tickets are available, so don't let anything stop you from holding time in your calendar now for this inspirational event.

Love your neighbor: Get them Internet!

Next week we are participating in a week of action to help make sure all low-income families know about the new government program that offers $50 per month off broadband internet. Read more, and join our webinar targeted to the faith community on September 30. You can give 1 people or many a copy of our flyer and help make media justice a reality.
It's not too late -- measure your speed and tell us how much you're paying for your Internet. A partnership with Consumer Reports.

Remembering 9/11/01

Rev. Robert Chase wrote a rememberance for us about his recollections of the Parker Lecture held twenty years ago, only a few weeks after 9/11/01.

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