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Welcome to the next Guidepost in our KnowPeaceOnline campaign, #KnowYourLimits.

Today’s guidepost, is the fourth in our series and it is critical to the others. This week's post will give you resources to develop habits and intentions that will help you when it comes time to slow down your reactions and honor your limits online.

Faith traditions offer significant resources in carving out limits in support of healthier, happier — and most important — more meaningful living. For example, thought leaders rooted in the Buddhist tradition suggest to set your intention before you engage with screens or with social media.

Secular advocates also emphasize the importance of taking a break. During the pandemic, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood’s Screen Time Action Network suggests screen free Saturdays as a way to get away from 5-days-a-week zoom. And on a more practical level, the Center for Humane Technology recommends buying an alarm clock and putting devices away at dinner.

Many more ideas, resources and links are in our #KnowYourLimits post.

Whether you find calm in a faith-based practice, Buddhist-inspired meditation, or just setting aside a regular time apart from technology, a regular routine will enable you to set boundaries and focus on using technology in a meaningful way. And these practices will help you to know—and honor—your limits.

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