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Welcome to the next Guidepost in our KnowPeaceOnline campaign, #KnowYourFacts.


Today is election day — one of the most important days to #KnowYourFacts.

We in the faith community understand the deep human need to make meaning and share it. This impulse often produces shared understanding, deep connection and new ideas. But the powers of social media platforms can turn an effort that makes meaning, into an effort that suppresses it. Many of us now realize that on social media we are charged with the obligation to #knowyourfacts and combat misinformation and disinformation.

This week's guidepost asks: Is your post true? Have you fact-checked it?


Cheryl Leanza, UCC OC Inc.'s policy advisor explains, "Our responsibility as ethical actors on social media is to pause, think and educate ourselves before we share information. It takes only a few seconds to fact-check a headline, but the damage of sharing incorrect information can harm our democracy and our most vulnerable communities."

Before you like, share, retweet:
  1. KnowPeace. The first step is to check in with yourself, stop, stay calm and give yourself a moment to think.
  2. Check your facts. Check the accuracy of what you’re about to send. Use a trusted source like Politifact.comSnopes.com, or Factcheck.org. Or, PEN America suggests googling a headline with “true or false” to see what you find.
  3. Do not amplify. Do not spread disinformation even to explain that it is wrong. Share your own positive messages instead. Social media algorithms feed on engagement, whether negative or positive.

Read and share the full post.


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