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Welcome to the next Guidepost in our KnowPeaceOnline campaign, #KnowYourAudience.


Social media platforms offer a more powerful platform than ever before to share our ideas and reach across difference. At the same time that powerful platform can be used to super-charge hate, ignorance and divisiveness. The KnowPeaceOnline campaign offers six guideposts about the moral and ethical uses of social media.


As the guidepost says:


Who will be helped by this post and who will be harmed by this? There is a difference between demeaning and disagreeing. We can disagree with each other but we don't need to demean each other.


Professional writer and UCC OC Inc. board member Sara Fitzgerald shares her insights on why it is important to #KnowYourAudience:


Social media enable all of us to become publishers, giving us the ability to reach a much wider audience than we could in the past. That can be empowering and exciting. But it also expands our ability to hurt, to demean, to defame and to bully.


Sara explains, "I’m not, by nature, the kind of person who would set out to demean a person or a group of people. Nevertheless, I still stop and ask myself how my 'audience' is likely to respond to a post. Will it contribute to a civil dialogue? Is it a joke that only some people will find amusing? Will it make it harder for me to resume relationships with some close family members if and when our hot political battles come to an end?" Read and share her full post.


Learn more at KnowPeace.Online. Share and like our Facebook page and posts about KnowPeace and our Twitter feed, and use #KnowPeaceOnline.

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