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A message from UCC OC Inc.'s Faithful Internet campaign:
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Sign the Petition: Save Net Neutrality
The Trump Federal Communications Commission just voted to roll back Net Neutrality.  But the quest for a free and open Internet does not end today.  We just started a new Groundswell petition as part of our Faithful Internet campaign.  Sign it, share it, and speak from the rooftops -- we need Net Neutrality in the faith community. 
Tell Congress: Keep the Internet open and free

This morning, in a rally before the vote, I  stood outside in the cold windy weather, bearing witness as the FCC prepared inside to take away our net neutrality protections. I drew strength from a crowd of racial justice advocates gathered outside the FCC.  Despite the winter temperatures and threatening skies, leaders in the fight for racial justice and equality came across town and across the country to speak about the importance of the Internet in the quest for social justice.

As I rallied, buoyed by the contagious enthusiasm, I thought about all the great voter turn-out efforts in Alabama to encourage African Americans to vote in this week's Senate election ...  and wondered how that work could be done if those activists had to pay for the privilege of sharing their online content? 

I thought about the faith community fighting against the horribly slanted tax bill ... and wondered if they will be able to get their message out as easily in the future?

Tell Congress: Keep the Internet open and free

As part of the online video stream, we were so excited to see this new video from Sister Simone Campbell from NETWORK, the catholic social justice lobby, who took time out from working against the tax bill to share her message.  She explains, without net neutrality: “it’s as if we would have a gag in our mouth," you might as well "put tape across our mouth and say we can’t speak.”

Sister Simone Campbell of NETWORK explains why she needs Net Neutrality for social justice.
Tell Congress: Keep the Internet open and free

Today’s vote was a bad one, but I know our community will continue to press to keep the Internet open and free for everyone.  I’ve been working on these protections in one form or another since 1999, and there were times in the past when we thought all hope was gone – but because members of the public paid attention, and spoke out, we came back stronger than ever.  Today is one of those days I count on people of moral conscience to spread the word, to reach out to their elected leaders and to take back the Internet so we can create the world we want to see.

Congress has the ability and authority -- through something called the Congressional Review Act -- to quickly repeal the FCC’s attempt to kill net neutrality and keep the current protections in place.  Will you join me and sign our petition asking Congress to restore net neutrality by repealing the FCC’s dangerous order?

In solidarity and radical hope,


Policy Advisor, UCC OC Inc. & Co-Founder of Faithful Internet


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