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Media Violence Fast 2016

Dear Supporter,

This thoughtful Vox interview with Harvard psychology professor and polymath Steven Pinker, gives us a new perspective on media violence. Data show that, even as we feel overwhelmed sometimes by violent images and news, in fact the world is much less violent today than decades and centuries ago.


As he points out, the media gives coverage to certain violent acts out of proportion to their "actual human cost."    He explains that "everyday homicides — the kinds that police stations worry about — kill far, far more people than rampage shootings, but they dribble in about 30 deaths a day." 


Not only is violence over-represented, but unfortunately particular groups of people are often incorrectly represented as being more violent - such as people who are Latino, African American, or Muslim. These patterns can reinforce our misperceptions of the world at a time when racial justice is needed so desperately.


Today as we take time out from media violence, let's focus on finding positive images of people from all backgrounds. For example, check out Not in Our Town. Or look at George Gerbner on The Mean World Syndrome, one of our featured resources for the media violence fast.

As you reflect, share your thoughts on UCC OC Inc.'s Facebook page and on Twitter using the hashtag #UCCMediaFast.


Fasting with you in Just Peace,


UCC's media justice ministry, OC Inc.

For information about this year's media violence fast, visit www.media-fast.org.

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