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Media Violence Fast 2016

Dear Supporter,

Today is the first day our media violence fast, thank you for joining us. With the fifteenth anniversary of September 11 this year, several media outlets have taken the time to consider the impact of violence in the media. The New York Times Future Tense column looked, in depth, at the impact of violent news on the Internet. The article highlighted that extensive exposure to violent footage (six hours), could emulate the same trauma felt by a person directly experiencing the same violence. In fact, because social media can expand to fill hours, and it is not often filtered by editors or journalists, it can be even more traumatic. While it can be quite disturbing, we are also complicit in our social media consumption -- getting swept up in following just one more link and viewing one more video.


At the same time, some of the most alarming videos have raised awareness of violence, such as at the hands of police, that otherwise would have been unavailable to millions of Americans. How can we stay informed, stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, and at the same time avoid the sensationalism of media outlets and websites determined to increase their profits by showing gripping images?


A week without media violence allows us the chance to reset our baseline--what media am I watching? Why? Is it serving justice? Is it serving me?


As you reflect, share your thoughts on UCC OC Inc.'s Facebook page and on Twitter using the hashtag #UCCMediaFast.


Fasting with you in Just Peace,


UCC's media justice ministry, OC Inc.

For information about this year's media violence fast, visit www.media-fast.org.

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