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Media Violence Fast 2016

Dear Supporter,

Welcome to the 2016 Media Violence Fast. Thank you for signing up, and if you haven't gotten on board for this week's fast, now is the time.


As we embark on a week trying to avoid media violence, consider what you would like to get out of this week. A chance to see if you can control your media habits? A week where you don't see anyone shot, kicked, or harmed--whether fictional or real? Or are you focused, perhaps on persuading the young adults in your life to take a break from Halo for one week? 


Take some time to develop an intention this week, keep that intention in mind as you make choices this week. As we consider a week of prayers for peace, meditate on this dedication developed for the United Church of Christ's Just Peace Sunday:


Generous God, we are grateful for all that we have. 

We are especially thankful for opportunities

to share, to grow, and to be part of a love bigger than ourselves. 

Bless these gifts given today that they might be a comforting balm to those in need;

that they might expand your Just Peace. Amen. 
We are grateful for the privilege of fasting from violence and taking that time to rededicate ourselves to finding peace in our lives and in the world.
As you reflect, share your thoughts on UCC OC Inc.'s Facebook page and on Twitter using the hashtag #UCCMediaFast.
Fasting with you in Just Peace,
UCC's media justice ministry, OC Inc.

For information about this year's media violence fast, visit www.media-fast.org.

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