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Protect media diversity today!
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As someone who lives in Maryland, we need your help! This week, Senator Barbara Mikulski, as the lead democrat on the powerful Appropriations Committee, will decide whether the budget comes with back-room strings attached.  Two important media justice wins are at risk.

Senator Barb is forcefully working to undercut one of the only positive decisions for media diversity in a decade.  She is fighting the FCC's effort to close a loophole in its rules--one of its only recent actions to promote media diversity in broadcast television.

Just as bad, Senator Barb, is likely to trade away the hard-fought net-neutrality win in the same back room.  After the great success of the faith community speaking out for Internet freedom in our Faithful Internet campaign, we cannot stand by as Mikulski trades key provisions to the Republicans who opposed full-fledged Open Internet rules.

Contact Senator Barbara Mikulski TODAY! 

Time is of the essence, she will be making these decisions in the next few days.

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