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Father's Day is Coming - Prison Phone Update
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Father's Day Is Coming

Prison Phone Update

Thank you for your long interest and support for lowering predatory prison phone rates.  As you remember, last year we were able to bring down long distance rates.  This year we are targeting FCC action to bring down local rates, which can cost as much as $30 for a 15 minute call.  Local rates make up 92% of domestic calls from prison. Check out our new prison phone page, with lots of information and resources to fuel your passion for justice. Here are a few actions you can take this month to help bring down rates:

Take Action via the Justice and Peace Action Network the week of Father's Day.  The denomination-wide action-alert will focus on offering a personal word of support to families facing the burden of incarceration, and will send a petition to the Federal Communications Commission. Be on the lookout and share the alert.

Preach about phone rates this Father's Day.  As we celebrate Father's Day on Sunday June 21, millions of families will not be enjoying cookouts and celebrations with their fathers.  This Sunday 2.7 million children, and millions of adults, are attempting to stay connected with a father who is in prison,  jail, or detention.  They will be boarding buses, mailing crayon-drawn pictures, or facing the sky-high cost of a 15 minute phone call.

The reading that day is from 1 Samuel 17: 32-49, the story of David and Goliath.  The contest between Mrs. Martha Wright and the large prison phone companies is certainly a David and Goliath fight.  The UCC's Worship Ways resources refers to surviving times of trouble, "When waters are rough, We hold each other tightly." What better way to do that then remember families facing incarceration?  Support this justice ministry by preaching about Father's facing incarceration and ask your congregation to take action. If you preach, please share!  Send us an email or post on our Facebook page.

Visit UCC's Media Justice ministry at the National Youth Event at Synod.  We'll be there highlighting three of our issues, including the problem of predatory prison phone rates.  The youth can take action and learn more through videos and interactive learning.

If you are in the Washington DC area, join a delegation to the FCC.   We are looking for a few lay or clergy UCC leaders to join a bigger delegation to visit the Federal Communications Commission in Washington DC to advocate for lower prison phone rates.  Email us at info@uccmediajustice.org with "prison phone delegation" in the subject line.

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