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Faith Leaders Support Open Internet, Oppose Cong. Review Act

The day before the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology considers a proposal to repeal the Obama Administration's Open Internet protections, a wide range of faith leaders and communicators wrote a letter to Committee leaders urging them not to  move ahead under the Congressional Review Act. The leaders cited the negative impact on the less fortunate, and a recent National Council of Churches Communication Commission resolution endorsing net neutrality.

The letter pointed out that faith communities rely on the Internet to distribute their views to the public and to communicate with members.  The letter also emphasized that to vote to repeal the Federal Communications Commission's recent rules using this process would be an extreme action because it would repeal basic protections that have a broad consensus such as the Bush Administration's principles supporting a user's ability to reach any legal content.

For more information on the letter, contact Cheryl A. Leanza, policy advisor to UCC OC Inc. at 202-904-2168 or cleanza@alhmail.com.



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