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    Social Justice Radio

    Social justice is often about working with allies, spreading information, and bearing witness to stories that no one else hears. People of faith are known for our involvement in our communities--as a powerful force for justice, compassion and the common good.  And yet, all too often, the progressive faith community is not reflected in the media. But now is our chance to be heard!


    Thanks to a recent legislative victory, nonprofits, schools, churches, and labor unions will soon have a one-time chance to apply for thousands of new FM community radio licenses nationwide. The timeframe to apply for these free low power FM radio licenses is October 15-29th, 2013 There is plenty to do before then—including  assisting community groups  that are already working to obtain radio licenses and developing faith-oriented radio stations ourselves. To learn more, review our webinar about faith communities and low power radio. Read the FCC's official statement on low power radio applications.

    We need you to get involved!

    October 2013 gets closer every day and we need as many supporters as possible to help make the social justice radio process successful! If you are planning on applying and want to dialogue with other UCC members and UCC OC Inc. about support and options, please join the LPFM 2013 Applicants group below.

     Below are some wonderful resources on the topic from OC, Inc. and our partners:

    Social Justice Radio webinar

    Prometheus Radio Project

    Background on Low Power FM Radio -- UCC Blog Posts

    FCC Low Power application information

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