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The 2019 Everett C. Parker Lecture

The 37th Annual Parker Lecture and Awards Breakfast will be held

Thursday, October 17th, 2019 at 8:00 am

First Congregational UCC, 945 G Street, NW, Washington DC 20001

2019 Everett C. Parker Lecture and Awards Breakfast Honorees:

  • Rev. Julian De Shazier, senior pastor of University Church in Chicago, will deliver this year’s Parker Lecture
  • Cayden Mak, executive director of 18 Million Rising, will receive the Everett C. Parker Award
  • The Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) of the World Association of Christian Communication (WACC) will receive the Donald H. McGannon Award

Learn more about this year's honorees.

Read the press release.

See pictures and the highlights video.  For complete videos and excerpts, see our YouTube excerpts playlist and complete video.

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Rev. Julian De Shazier Cayden Mak

Global Media Monitoring Project, accepted by
Sarah Macharia

The Everett C. Parker Lecture has been a tradition in media justice for over 30 years. It is a program with an interesting and compelling history.

The Annual Everett C. Parker Ethics in Telecommunications Lecture and Awards Ceremony is sponsored by the Office of Communication, Inc. (OC, Inc.) of the United Church of Christ.

Parker Lecture in Ethics and Telecommunications. The Everett C. Parker Ethics in Telecommunications Lecture was created in 1982 to recognize Parker's pioneering work as an advocate for the public's rights in broadcasting. It is the only lecture in the country to examine telecommunications and the digital age from an ethical perspective.

Everett C. Parker Award. The Parker Award is given in recognition of an individual whose work embodies the principles and values of the public interest in telecommunications and the media.

Donald H. McGannon Award. The McGannon Award is given in recognition of special contributions in advancing the roles of women and persons of color in the media.

Since its founding in 1959, the Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ (OC, Inc.) has been a leading force in the struggle to ensure that women, persons of color and low-income persons have equal access to ownership, production, employment, and decision making in media. OC, Inc.'s work grows out of the United Church of Christ's historic commitment to civil rights, and our belief that social justice cannot be achieved without a media system that reflects our diverse histories and struggles. OC, Inc. promotes justice in media through legal challenges, policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, and public education.

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