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Take Action for Media Justice!

OC, Inc. is committed to media justice. Media justice leads to social justice. The following actions are ongoing. Read more about them and consider joining the fight! Throughout the year, OC Inc. also participates in actions along with other advocacy groups. More information about those will be posted on the main site as well as here.

An Urgent Webinar on Faith and the Internet 

On Monday, President Obama announced his plan to support a free and open Internet. Now the public needs to urge an independent federal agency to support it with a decisive vote. Why should faith leaders and communities raise their voices? Find out what's at stake on Monday, November 24th at 3pm EST /Noon PST. Click here to RSVP.

Today, the Internet is a place where all Americans have an equal voice — no matter the color of our skin, size of our wallets, or content of our beliefs. Right now, a proposal in Washington would end the Internet as we know it. It will create fast lanes for those who pay — and slow lanes for the rest of us. We will no longer have an equal chance to express ourselves, connect with one another, and stand against injustice, as our faiths teach us. Our faith institutions will also suffer. But we can change that.
In the coming weeks, we can persuade the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to support the President's plan to protect a free and open Internet. Find out what’s at stake for faith leaders and communities — and what you can do. Join us for a special webinar led by national experts on faith and public policy Cheryl Leanza (United Church of Christ, OC Inc) and Valarie Kaur(Stanford Law School; Auburn Seminary). 

Monday, November 24th
3pm EST
 / Noon PST
Click here to RSVP

10 Things You Can Do!

You don't have to limit yourself to a single action to fight for media justice! Consider the items on this list on a regular basis, and help promote equal access to good media! Every little thing helps!

Annual Media Fast
Each year, in conjunction with the International Day of Prayer for Peace, OC Inc. conducts a media fast. For a one week period, participants are asked not to use violent video games or watch violent movies or television shows.

End Predatory Prison Phone Rates
OC Inc. is committed to bringing justice to prison inmates and their families. The cost of calling a prison is prohibitively expensive. OC Inc. is working on lowering the rates of prison phone calls. Sign up for more information.

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