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#BreaktheInternet Save #NetNeutrality Before December 14

Three Ways to Save Net Neutrality

Call, Protest, Rally!

For 50 years, the United Church of Christ has been a leader in the fight for media and technology that is more accessible and accountable to local communities -- more local, more diverse, more just.

Building on its legacy, today OC Inc. continues to hold the media accountable and fight for media diversity. We hold the annual Everett C. Parker Lecture in Ethics and Telecommunications to continue to inspire the media and public interest advocates every fall.  Please explore our site. Check out our newsletters and read our blog to stay up-to-date.  Support our work and sign up to receive more information.

The 35th Annual Parker Lecture and Awards Breakfast was held on

October 24th, 2017 in Washington DC. 
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Protect Net Neutrality

UCC OC Inc. helped to found the Faithful Internet campaign to educate the faith community and defend net neutrality.  Read more on the Faithful Internet web siteSign our petition to the Federal Communications Commission.  Read Cheryl Leanza's blog, I Can See God and Justice Because of the Open Internet.

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